Heat Treatment Forum Poland 2014 & Central Eastern Europe (8-10th April, 2014)

Michel J. Korwin introduced to the Heat Treatment Forum Hall of Excellence

The 1st annual Heat Treatment Forum Poland 2014 & Central Eastern Europe (8-10th April, 2014) organized by the Global Heat Treatment Network in cooperation with Industrial Forum took place last week in Wroclaw (Poland), Haston Congress Hotel and it was quite a success.

This premium meeting with top speakers from the main global players in the heat treating world has already been recognized as the best access to Eastern European customers. More than 200 registered participants attended the lectures and technical sessions and there were more than 30 exhibitors.

A number of the largest commercial heat treaters in the world such as Bodycote, Hanomag, VacAero and Hauck were present. Also Polish Institutes & Univeristies.  Customers came from sectors such as automotive, energy, heavy industry and aerospace. Furnace makers included AFC Holcroft, ALD, ALD-Dynatech, AMP, ECM, Ipsen, IVA, KGO, Remix, Rohde, Rübig, Schmetz, Hermann Schwammberger, Seco/Warwick, Systherms, Tenova, Nitrex and industry suppliers such as Burgdorf, EuroFluid, Avion, SSI, FOKA ENGINEERING, United Process Controls, GTD, Lohmann, Schunk, Kronmeyer, AHOTEC, Herakles, Eclipse, Guenther, Stange, Graphite Materials and German printing house Vulkan Verlag.

During this event Michel J. Korwin was inducted into the Heat Treatment Forum Hall of Excellence. This Heat Treatment Forum Award will be award achievements of people of the heat treatment industry with the title “Member of the Heat Treatment Forum Hall of Excellence”. Mr. Korwin (owner of Nitrex Metal Inc and United Process Control) became the 1st Member, for his very successful industrial implementation of the controlled gas nitriding idea NITREG. His technology leadership has been proven for years in hundreds of installations worldwide. The waiting crowd of future members is quite large, so please be surprised next year.